The Vulture

August 01, 2005
The Rajavis, who have lost the ability to kill and shed blood for some time and have become very weak due to lack of blood, got the smell of blood this morning and issued an announcement:

"The Iranian resistance condemns the inhumane pressures by the Mullahs' regime and asks for the immediate release of Akbar Ganji".

The Vulture Rajavi, of course, has not forgotten that they were not even allowed into the meetings of "The Greens" in the European Parliament, in which the issue of Mr. Ganji was being discussed. They are also well aware of the consequences of their vulture-like acts for Mr. Ganji. This is what they wanted to do with Ebrahim Khodabandeh, Jamil Bassam and but they have always failed. This is not the first time they have tried to kill, or plot to kill, someone to take advantage of the dead. The Rajavis have shown earlier that they have a long history in this.

For the time being, Mr. Ganji is not at a position to "scat" Maryam Azdanloo and criminals and vultures around her (and that's why the vultures have found an opportunity to take advantage). Of course, in the current situation, there may be no need for it due to the revealed vulture like nature of the Rajavis.

Once upon a time there was a notorious man who asked the king to give him money for his pilgrimage. He said that he would pray for the king. The king said he would double the amount the man needed if only he would said nothing of the king during pilgrimage.

Now Maryam Rajavi, please answer! How much should Mr. Ganji, and others like him, pay you to stop your vulture-like support?

In addition, the exact meaning of the term "Vulture" in Persian dictionary is as follows:

"Turning around a dying man or creature. In case it dies, and once assuring itself that there is no threat, the vulture (Rajavi) can consume the corpse and survive".