Who's Financing Mojahedin-e khalq?

21 October 2004

Voice Of America has published the report of Mohammed Reza Shahid from Paris about the introduction of the book "Burned Alive, in the name of Marx and Mohammed".
Shahid, referring to the questions and answers of journalists and Mr. Chevalrias, says:

"Dominique Atajian, lawyer of an Iranian family asked that who's financing Mojahedin's expensive propagandistic programs? He also said that in his view, Moajhedin are terrorists."

At the end of his report, Mr. Khodabandeh gave explanation about the film which shows the meeting of Rajavi and Major General Haboush (former head of Iraq's Estekhbarat) and cites part of the film in which they talk about receiving money from Iraq in return for performing terrorist acts."