Open Letter to Prime Minister Tony Blair -
Concerning Mohammad Mohaddessin

The Right Honorable Tony Blair, MP
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street,

6 June 2005

Dear Prime Minister,

Over the past few months, several leaders of the proscribed terrorist group, Mojahedin-e Khalq, who are currently on bail awaiting trial on various terrorism related charges in France, have been trying to reduce the conditions of their bail in an attempt to politicise their cases as well as finding a host country to accept them without putting them on trial. The main reasoning they bring to the court is that they need to travel to other countries on either 'business' or 'work' purposes.

We have been informed that in one of these court hearings on 17th May 2005 the following decisions have been made by the judge.

In the case of Mr. Majid Shahbazian (Chahabasian), the court has decided that considering his involvement with over 8 million dollars in 100 dollar bills found in Mrs. Maryam Rajavi's rooms, as well as 99 pieces of GPS equipment and etc, he should be placed under court restrictions as well as imposing a high amount for bail. The restrictions include a ban on travel outside the French mainland.

In the case of Mr. Saleh Rajavi (brother of cult leader Massoud Rajavi, the self-proclaimed ideological leader who is currently in hiding), the court has refused his claims and has restated all the restrictions imposed on him on 21 June 2003, which were adjusted on 16 Jan 2004 (including the ban on travel outside the French mainland) except that he does not need to report to the Gendarmerie of Auvers sur Oise every week and this can be done every month.

In the case of Mr. Mohammed Reza Mohades (aka; Seyed al Mohaddesin, Behnam, Mohammad Mohaddesin, Mohadessin, Mohaddessin, etc.), the court rejected his claims that he needs to visit other countries at least 3 days, once a month. The court has rejected his claim that he needs to visit Belgium at the end of May 2005 as he did not have credible evidence of the necessity for this visit (i.e. credible invitations and the reasons for it). MKO lawyers dropped another claim by Mr. Mohaddesin that he needs to visit Germany, but have insisted on his need to visit the UK at the beginning of July 2005.

Mr Mohaddessin has obtained an invitation from Lord Corbett a well-known apologist for this terrorist organisation. With this invitation and the backing of a few neo conservatives in the US the MKO is hoping to disrupt the nuclear negotiations between the EU3 and Iran. Lord Corbett is not unknown as an apologist of the Mojahedin. His photographs and comments have appeared in MKO Farsi publications under the logo of a Kalashnikov assault gun advocating support for this terrorist organisation on an average of three times a year for the last fifteen years. The French judge who reviewed his bail conditions has respected the position given to Lord Corbett by the Queen, and out of respect for the British Government has ruled that:
"His claims …. have been refused… except that the person under investigation can exceptionally leave the French territories for a period of 3 days to go to Great Britain to visit British Parliamentarians at the start of the month of July 2005 (which coincides with the new round of EU3 negotiations) . He should give the magistrate at least 15 days notice before leaving the country and state the exact day of his return with the exact address… he will report to the gendarmerie of Auvers sur Oise on the morning after his return…"

Considering that the heads of this terrorist cult are desperately trying to find a safe haven for themselves to avoid prosecution and have for a long time regarded London as their softest target due to its closer relations with some US Pentagon advisors, and perhaps the unclear action of your government toward this prescribed organisation.

Considering that the representatives of this prescribed organisation are operating freely in the UK to the point that they have had a public meeting in London as recently as last week without interference by any authorities.

Considering that their permanent representatives, including people such as Dowlat Noroozi, Massoud Zabeti and Hossein Abedini, are openly continuing their illegal activities from their known offices in London, to the extent that their threatening behaviour and verbal threats against the people who speak against terrorism and violation of human rights are largely ignored by the authorities.

It is regretful to see that Britain has become the first (and perhaps the only) country in the world which not only does not curtail the activities of this outlawed organisation and its members, but is about to give a visa to one of the notorious torturers of Saddam's private army.

The claims against Mr. Mohaddessin include involvement in false imprisonment, torture and murder under the rule of Saddam Hussein. A recent propaganda book written by the MKO in his name was ordered by a British court to be taken of the shelves with a full apology from the publisher. Many victims mentioned in the recent Human Rights Watch report about the torture and murder of disaffected members by the cult have pointed to this man as bearing personal responsibility for at least part of their sufferings.

The Association for the Support of Victims of the Mojahedin-e Khalq believes that following the past two years of exposure of the many human rights violations and crimes against humanity committed by the cult leaders, any support for or political use of Saddam Hussein's former mercenaries in any shape of form - whether to try to sabotage the negotiations with Iran (advocating military intervention by US and UK in Iran) or to use them as a bargaining chip on the table or to use them as a propaganda misinformation outlet by some of the secret services engaged in Iran, Iraq, London and Washington - is immoral as well as illegal.

We hope that the British Government will review its view of the seriousness of the current activities of these people and the direct danger they pose to the people of this country. We will follow all possible legal avenues to get a national, international or European warrant for the arrest of Mr. Mohaddessin - and perhaps followed by Mr. and Mrs. Rajavi! - should he, or any other heads of this terrorist organisation be granted a visa to enter the UK territories.

Yours sincerely,

Massoud Khodabandeh

Association to Support the Victims of the Mojahedin-e Khalq


UK Foreign Minister, the Right Honourable Jack Straw, MP
German Foreign Minister, Joschka Fischer
French Foreign Minister, Philippe Douste-Blazy
US Secretary of State, Dr Condoleezza Rice
UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan