Open Letter to FOX News

Massoud Khodabandeh
October 17, 2004


I am writing this letter as an Iranian who has left Mr. Rajaviís cult like organisation due to its involvement with Saddamís crimes against humanity and war crimes. When I left the MKO I was an executive member of the Mojahedin, commander in the NLA and a member of the NCRI. I was also the head of Mr. Rajaviís security. Mr. Jafarzadeh for some time worked under my command and I am therefore well aware of his activities in the US during the rule of Saddam Hussein. I am also well aware of his and Mr. Mohaddesinís (his boss) contacts with the various services in the US on behalf of Mr. Rajavi.


Your news channel introduces Alireza Jafarzadeh as an analyst on Iran. In this role he makes various assertions concerning Iranís nuclear programme, terrorism, Islamic fundamentalism and Iranian and Iraqi politics. He also gives advice to the Americans, Europeans and Iraqis on how to deal with the Iranian ruling regime as well as how to move forward in Iraq.


Mr Jafarzadeh was, of course, known to everyone for well over a decade as the US spokesman for the Mojahedin-e Khalq organisation and latterly the National Council of Resistance of Iran, both of which are now listed as terrorist entities in the USA. Neither you nor Mr. Jafarzadeh has never put an end in his involvement with terrorism and Mr. Rajaviís cult, nor rejected violence and terror for achieving political gains. The past involvement of Mr. Jafarzadeh and his masters has never been denied either.


There is a great deal of controversy surrounding Iran and how best the US should relate to that country. There is even greater controversy over the behaviour of your company and its direct involvement in providing a mouthpiece to a terrorist organisation.  In the interests of proper balance of views and journalistic integrity we would like to see FOX News host a televised debate which allows other experts on Iran to challenge Mr Jafarzadehís analyses on all the issues which he speaks of on your programmes.


There are several million Iranians living outside Iran in the USA, Europe and elsewhere who have a very strong interest in these issues. Many people in general are interested in how the USA will move forward on the issue of Iran, Iraq and the war against terrorism. We are sure such a debate would attract a wide audience.


I have enclosed a copy of the letter sent to British MP, Mr Win Griffiths suggesting a similar debate.


Please let me know if we can offer you assistance in organising a televised debate with Mr. Jafarzadeh (whether as your analyst or as a representative of Mr. Rajavi, Mojahedin, Council of Resistance, etc.) on the situation of Iran and his comments and advice in support of terrorists and Saddamís agents in this way.


Massoud  Khodabandeh

Iran Interlink organisation