Rajavi’s Fedayeen in Europe

Massoud Khodabandeh
September 29, 2005
I have been informed that the MKO's “Intelligence Unit” in London has received a new order from the “MKO’s Intelligence Headquarters” in Köln to be more focused on specific people, including myself. This order comprises clear instructions and guidelines which cannot be included in this article. Of course, this is not something new and we have been hearing their sobs and cries since we saved the lives of Ebrahim Khodabandeh and Jamil Bassam.

Earlier, I learned that Ms. Rajavi has been pushing Mohammed Seyed AlMohaddessin to bring charges against me (and another critic of the MKO) by all possible means and with the assistance of highly paid lawyers. It seems that Mr. Mohaddessin has been chosen again to save Maryam Rajavi’s face. He has done this before (taking responsibility for the scandals made by the Rajavis) and it can be said that he has become used to such affairs. Anyway, each and every person chooses his own job!

Ms. Rajavi and her so-called intelligence agents in Köln and Aachen, and her confused agents in London and Washington, and especially people like “Ali Malek” in Köln and … (it seems that these names are being disclosed gradually and one by one so that Rajavi’s not going to have a heart attack) are well aware that there have been few former members (among those defectors who have come to democratic countries) who’d wanted to stand against this woman (Rajavi) and her partners and that this is Rajavi herself who’s been escaping from legal authorities, public and …


1. Although I believe it’s unlikely that people like Osama Bin Laden and his aides or Rajavi and his agents file a lawsuit against the citizens of western countries, I welcome any complaints which may lead to countering Rajavi and his agents in the US and European courts because I believe it’s an opportunity to reveal again the ignored facts and realities. Let them spend part of the millions of dollars they stole from Iraqi orphans to expose themselves.

2. I consider it my legitimate legal right (in the framework of the regulations and laws of the US, European countries and Canada) to ask for the complete abolishment of the MKO's illegal intelligence unit headquarters (especially in Auvers-sur-Oise in France and Köln in Germany) as well as the websites, associations and companies established in Europe illegally to cover the logistical operations of Rajavi’s Fedayeen. I also believe that transferring Saddam Hussein’s intelligence units to Europe poses a big threat toward hosting countries, including Britain where I live. In this regard, it is the duty of all human beings and citizens to cooperate with the authorities in order to erase these corruption centers. Of course, protecting the lives and property of critics of the cult in such countries, such as myself and my family, is the responsibility of these countries’ authorities.

3. I thank all those who in recent days have expressed their hatred for the work of the MKO’s intelligence unit, including the lies and rumors in their websites - which can only be expected from people like “Fereshteh Yeganeh” and her comrade “Mahmoodi Khomar” in Aachen. I note again that the root of all these dirty works lies in Maryam Qajar’s guideline to waste the time of MKO defectors and critics and to decrease the amount of their revelations about the activities of the cult. Rajavi’s mercenaries also use other methods (taught by Saddam forces) details of which you can see in the letter “Appeal for Help”.

I request all defectors, critics of the cult and others fighting terrorism in Europe to pay attention to such moves. I ask you to report the illegal moves of these Saddam-trained mercenaries to the security officials of your residential areas. Don’t waste your time and remember that security and anti-terrorism systems of your host countries are responsible for guaranteeing the security of countries and individuals, including yourselves.

I appreciate the efforts of all those who work for humanity and for erasing the mafia-like terrorist organization of Rajavi.