Wearing Saddam's Dirty Boots

October 13, 2005
In recent days, more and more has been published about the efforts of Rajavi and his criminal gang to find a new master.

In an interview with Massoud Khodabandeh, BBC Radio reported the presence of Rajaviís terrorist intelligence unit in Europe and America and revealed the plans of Rajaviís cult (apparently on the terror lists beside Osama Bin Laden and Taliban) to hunt down critics in European and Canadian cities. The BBC also referred to the letter of complaint signed by more than 80 critics (and former members) in Western democratic countries asking if their governments (in the U.S., Canada and European countries) had done anything in this regard.


In an interview with Voice of America, Iranian prominent journalist Mr. Safa Haeri disclosed that some parts inside the US government- which have faced strategic deadlocks and want to use the remnants of Saddamís toppled regime- are feeding the cult of Rajavi with intelligence.

http://www.irane-ayandeh.com/soti/files/Shahid10Oct05.ram (interview in Farsi)

Mrs. Singleton, in interview with BBC Radio Four, asked for more sensitivity by European countriesí authorities and said that there should be no double standards in treating this group.

http://www.irandidban.com/master-e.asp?ID=09636 (interview transcript)

Quoting an American official, the German weekly 'Focus' stressed that former mercenaries of Saddam Hussein are being used again on the Iran-Iraq border.


Habilian website, which reflects news reports on MKO defectors who return to Iran, confirmed the above report by interviewing an informed source in the Iranian military. The amazing point is that it seems that Iranian military sourcesí information on the cult and its use is more credible than that of intelligence sources of US security services.


Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) published the same report as proof of an agreement between the Pentagon and its new mercenaries. IRNA said the items of this agreement are as follows:

Identifying military targets for bombing

Disrupting industrial processes, especially the industries related to the Iranian nuclear program


Using Farsi language for gathering intelligence through phone calls, translation and Ö

This was also reflected in Irandidban website.


When a military force - with all that equipment and technology - reaches in its analysis to a point where it canít ignore even the grannies of Rajaviís cult, and when its intelligence system needs to use the exposed members of Saddamís private army (in order to gather intelligence through telephone calls) and when this force is entangled in such a serious deadlock that it has to wear Saddamís old dirty boots and defend what he used to take advantage of, what can be said? Does it come from its power or its tactical-strategic failure and confusion?

If itís the power of the US (not its failure and confusion) that has forced it to use remnants of Saddam terrorists in Iraq for its intelligence systems, what has really forced it to do so, considering all claims and fanfares?

Regarding the social, historical and political record of Iran, Iraq and the region, what should we expect? Should Iran be afraid of intelligence agents wearing the dirty old boots of Saddam Hussein, or should it become any clearer that these forces are empty-handed?