Letter to the Home Office


17 April 2004

As you are already aware, Mr Jamil Bassam and Mr Ebrahim Khodabandeh were arrested in Syria around 12 months ago on charges of illegal trafficking. They were held in custody for about 2 months before being extradited to the Islamic republic of Iran.

The two men had been on a mission ordered by the MKO/NCRI cult of Massoud Rajavi. They were smuggling items of which they had no knowledge. The cult (aka: MEK, NCR, PMOI…) did not make the news of the arrests public for over two months in order not to jeopardise their on-going smuggling operations between Iraq and Europe. This meant that attempts to prevent the extradition of the two men to Iran could not have been made. Iran-Interlink published a letter [enclosed] exposing the calculating role of the MKO/NCRI in this human tragedy.

Since their extradition to Iran, the MKO/NCRI in the form of statements, propaganda, and active contacts with politicians and other agencies, has done everything in its power to ensure that these two men would either be harmed (tortured) and/or given a harsh sentence. The organization deliberately issued statements confirming their involvement with the MKO/NCRI at the time of their arrest and have encouraged their only supporter in the UK parliament to make the case worse for the men.

Last Friday, 16th April, the MKO/NCRI organized a so-called demonstration in support of these men in front of the Syrian embassy in London, which was attended by some tens of their members in the UK. We know that had it not been because of the involvement of this cult, any demonstration in support of these two would have attracted many hundreds of participants. All the people, including the families of the two men both inside and outside of Iran, who have helped the known human right organisations in pressuring the Iranian regime to ensure humane treatment and fair trial for the men, have boycotted the demonstration due to the involvement of the cult. They regard the MKO/NCRI as the main cause of the problem from the start and as the main beneficiary from any harm which may come to the two men.

While we are sure that your information about the cult is sufficient to know the reasons behind such actions (including the timing and the place of the so-called demonstration and the real people behind it), we would like to bring to your attention that the cult has been using false identities in order to pretend that the families of the victims have participated in the demonstration.

Please find attached a photograph of a child used by the MKO/NCRI to portray him as the son of one of the victims. You know well enough that after 1991 and the so-called Ideological Revolution of the cult, all the members were divorced and therefore the two men, as other members of the MKO/NCRI, were single.

It is not the first time that the MKO/NCRI has misused vulnerable children. They have been used for begging in the streets and other cynical purposes for over a decade. As the children have grown up they have, where possible, been recruited into the cult and sent to Iraq to join the terrorist operations there. We wish to bring to your attention the serious threat that this MKO/NCRI cult poses to the child holding the banner. Clearly he has no parent or guardian to save him from such abuses.

While we are available to provide any assistance and information concerning the cult in Europe, including the plots over the last year against the best interests of the arrested men and their families inside and outside Iran, we urge you to investigate the plight of this vulnerable, and most probably orphan child in your country. 

On behalf of the families inside and outside Iran 


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