Committee tells Belgian foreign minister US exploiting Mojahedin as "slaves"

12 September 2004 13:11
BBC Monitoring Middle East

Text of report in English by Iranian news agency IRNA web site


Tehran, 12 September: The "International Committee for the Support of Victims of the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MKO)" has sent a letter to the Belgian foreign minister condemning the decision to allow the MKO to hold a demonstration in Brussels on Monday [13 September].

"On 13 September when European Foreign Ministers meet in Brussels and the International Atomic Energy Agency meets in Vienna to review Iran's nuclear industry, the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq organization (MKO) has organized, using the pseudonym "Sarfarazan," a demonstration in Brussels," said the committee in the letter published on its website and the independent Iranian website

"The purpose of this demonstration is to demand that the MKO be removed from the EU's list of terrorist entities. So, the MKO is listed as a terrorist entity, but through the simple deception of using a different name it has gained permission to hold a public demonstration in Brussels."

The letter of the Committee is addressed to Louis Michel, who was replaced recently by Karel De Gucht as Belgium's foreign minister.

"The MKO has been busy buying up Afghan and other refugees in Europe to come to its demonstration by paying their expenses and food and accommodation for a few days."

The letter has been signed by a number of former leading MKO members like Ali Akbar Rastgu, ex-member and ex-head of foreign affairs section of MKO in Germany, Mohammad Hoseyn Sobhani ex member of central committee of MKO, eight years in MKO prisons and 2 years in Abu Ghurayb prison, now living in Germany, Masu'd Khodabandeh ex executive committee member of MKO, ex member of National Council of Resistance.

The full list of the individual signatories and their contacts are attached with the letter which was issued from Leeds, UK. "The stance of your government is deplorable. Surely in any democracy freedom of expression does not stretch to giving a public platform to organized crime and terrorism," says the letter in English.

"Yet in Belgium this is exactly what will happen on 13 September." It notes that in the US administration the neocons have their own agenda and are exploiting MKO members in Iraq as slaves in their war.

"The use of the MKO by the intelligence agencies of countries hostile towards Iran, particularly on the issue of nuclear energy, is evident. "

"Following the exploitation of an MKO representative in the Fox News network as a propaganda mouthpiece, comes the news that those arrested in Iran on charges of espionage are MKO operatives."

"This is at a time when the MKO and its political wing the NCRI are designated as terrorist in the USA." "We do not think that closing your eyes to the activities of a terrorist organization in your country will act as a lever against Iran's government. In fact, it only fortifies the position of the hard-liners and undermines the efforts of the reformists inside and moderates outside the county," says the letter.

"We are also pursuing the prosecution of Masu'd Rajavi in an appropriate court so that whenever he surfaces from hiding in Ashraf camp he is brought to justice for crimes against humanity and war crimes. Other MKO leaders including Maryam Azodanlu (Rajavi) are already under investigation for terrorism in Paris."

"We will strongly recommend that the officials of every county whose foreign ministers are attending the meeting on Monday 13 September put the question to your government and to your good self as to why you have neglected your responsibilities as the host in favour of cheap propaganda against Iran, using Afghan and other refugees, and paid for with money stolen from the Iraqi people by the agents of the former regime of Saddam Husayn," concludes the letter.

Source: IRNA web site, Tehran, in English 1140 gmt 12 Sep 04