Small Talk with Khodabandeh

June 2004

Mr. Khodabandeh, in a meeting with his daughter (Homa Khodabandeh), talked about how he was arrested in Syria:

"The Mojahedin had been informed of my detention by Jamil Bassam, who had come with me to Syria for the fist time. While Jamil could have escaped, the Mojahedin told him that I was carrying a package (money) and that he should return and try to get it from me. They had ordered him to pretend that this money belongs to a French merchant (this is a cover the Mojahedin use for transferring money). But Jamil was also arrested when he returned."

Then Khodabandeh revealed that during ten years, he could see his daughter only once and that MKO officials in Sweden banned him from meeting his wife and daughter.

Elsewhere he cited the words of his daughter and the sudden request of the Mojahedin to his daughter to come to London, a daughter who had been deprived of meeting her father for years.

Film of Khodabandeh's meeting with his daughter (June 2004) can be found here.