Khodabandeh and Bassam Want to Appear in Maryam Court

Iran-interlink/May 23, 2005

Two years ago, Mr. Ibrahim Khodabandeh and Jamil Bassam, former members of Mojahedin-e Khalq, became the victims of Rajavi crimes and MKO took advantage of them in its illegal acts and international smuggling programs. As the war started in Iraq and the situation was imbalanced, these two men were arrested carrying the stolen properties from Iraq to Paris for Maryam Rajavi. They were sent to Iran amid denials of Mojahedin-e Khalq and unawareness of international and human rights communities.

Itís now clear that Rajaviís band denied their arrest for 2 months in order to take advantage of another deal and receive another two million dollars which had been stolen from Iraqís Central Bank. A short time after Khodabandeh-Bassam arrest in the border of Syria-Iraq, French Police searched the headquarter of Mojahedin-e Khalq and found millions of dollars of other stolen properties and large piles of documents. The investigation still goes on while millions of dollars of stolen properties have not yet been discovered. Maryam Rajavi and some other members of the cultís leadership, who had hid in Paris, are waiting for the trial to begin.

Today, we were informed that both Mr. Khodabandeh and Mr. Bassam have announced that they want to take part in the process of investigation and in trial of Maryam Rajavi in Paris to testify about the contacts of Ashraf Camp in Iraq with the cultís leadership in Paris, the role of Mojahedin in Saddamís security services, their activities in France and other countries and direct contacts of Saddam secret services with the cult and Maryam Rajavi. They claim that they can bring evidences to the court that show that leadership of the organization directed all illegal activities of Mojahedin from Aur-sur-oise.

Mr. Khodabandeh and Jamil Bassam have also referred to the evidences in Syria, the report of Syrian police, documents in Arab countries of Persian Gulf, non-Iranian contacts in the international level and even some non-Iranian witnesses.