What is behind the MKO's propaganda stunts?

by Anne Singleton
December 17, 2004
Irandidban website carries an item which exposes the latest MKO propaganda stunt.

[read the article: 'Maryam Rajavi’s Show at the European Parliament!']

While in agreement with the main points of the article, I respectfully wish to add my own interpretation of the event.

Irandidban writes: "sources close to MKO lobby revealed the analysis of MKO [our emphasis] and their foreign supporters is based on this fact that “positive process of Iran-EU talks would lead to the elimination of the MKO and now that their expectations (on talks reaching a deadlock) have not come true they fear that Europeans may soften the stance of the US. So, in order to disrupt the talks, they should make Iran angry so that it turns away from the European side and stops talks."

"...But going to European Parliament at this time and situation has been done desperately in order to disrupt Iran-EU talks. Mojahedin terrorists have brought their top element to make their dream real."

"...Of course the roots of this analysis [our emphasis] refer to this fact that the leader of Mojahedin considers an influential role for herself in the Iranian scene. So, they want to expand this view and introduce themselves as important among Iranian officials."

I would like to point out that the MKO does not have any need for analysis in this or any other issue to do with Iran. Its maximum use is as a tool in the hands of a very few powerful western politicians for their own agenda for Iran - in the main this is to pursue a policy of regime change by preemptive military action which is in itself a controversial issue.

Massoud Rajavi is paid to perform these propaganda stunts. He is not doing so because of any analysis or political posturing. He is paid to use his forces - including his wife - in these ways to fulfill other people's agendas. Giving the impression that the MKO itself believes it has any part to play in the political scene is not only erroneous but downright ludicrous. The deal is transparent. Rajavi sends his forces to be used at the behest of new paymasters. In return the paymasters will try to remove the MKO from the list of terrorist entities as a step toward getting Rajavi off the hook for his past crimes.

If anyone imagines that there is any other reason for the MKO's demand to be taken off the terrorist lists than to save Rajavi's skin then imagine that the deal is done - which is highly doubtful. Where will that leave the MKO?

Imagine they are given the same money and arms as they got from Saddam. Would they be the same force as they were before the US invasion. When the average age of MKO combatants was around 30 years old and they had free border access and unlimited logistical support the maximum they achieved was the Forough-e Javidan operation of 1988 in which half the forces were massacred and the rest forced to retreat in disarray.

The MKO's use is limited to short-term propaganda stunts as leverage for negotiations with Iran.

The reward? Ask Massoud Rajavi.

Of course, another possibility - which would indicate real desperation - is that Massoud Rajavi is not even being paid to parade his wife in such propaganda stunts. It is possible that he is paying for these events from his own pocket - previously lined by Saddam Hussein and donations conned and bullied out of the general public in western countries to his Iran Aid and MISS 'charities'.

His aim would be the same; to have the MKO de-listed and create conditions favourable to his own evasion of justice for crimes against humanity and war crimes. But if this is the case, then the members of the MKO and its supporters are surely entitled to ask [and of course this entitlement springs from their own membership of the human race and not from any permission that Rajavi will ever grant them]: if he has so few principles even when he is not paid for as a mercenary by the rich and powerful, then where would he draw the line if he is successful in attracting another paying backer? No matter what we think of Osama bin Laden and his ilk - which can be summed up in the word disgust - at least the man has some principles which he sticks to!