Lord Corbett in support of terrorism?

Is using foreign terrorist forces in Iraq justified?

An open letter to Lord Corbett of Castle Vale (Lab)
March 26, 2004

Robin Corbett meeting Maryam Rajavi sometime after the
massacre of the Kurds in the North of Iraq by the MKO

Following the Prime Minister’s statements on 24 March which called for everyone to find a common ground from which to defeat terrorism, we would ask Lord Corbett to clarify exactly where he stands on the issue of terrorism and in particular in relation to Iraq.

Lord Corbett, a long-term apologist for the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq organization, would appear to be one of the very few who still support the theory that ‘the end justifies the means’ in Iraq.

Lord Corbett of Castle Vale, unelected member of the Lords, has notoriously and repeatedly advocated continued use of the Mojahedin (aka, MKO, MEK, NCRI, PMOI). Again in a meeting at the House of Lords on Wednesday 24 March, the same day as the Prime Minister’s press conference, Lord Corbett repeated the same incongruous doctrine as the neo cons in the US administration. Apparently His Lordship has been kept so much in the dark that he is not aware that Richard Perl was obliged to resign after this same doctrine as well as his paid speeches on behalf of the MKO in the US failed to impress or find any audience.

Lord Corbett organized the evening event, sponsored by the MKO, in one of the House of Lords meeting rooms. He again claimed that 305 Members of the Lords and Commons (the list of whom he has never felt necessary to reveal), had emphasized that the “MKO is an important part of the international effort to stop the advancement of fundamentalism in Iraq”. Lord Corbett failed to make reference to the Foreign Affairs Committee report of 9th of March which stressed the government’s need to deal promptly and properly with the remains of this terrorist organisation.

Lord Corbett’s statement echoes exactly the same use that Saddam Hussein had for the MKO forces. They were used to crush the Shiite Marsh Arabs as well as Kurds in Iraq in order to stop any democratic uprising against Saddam. Does His Lordship really believe that the use of the same foreign terrorist force against the Iraqi people would be a good idea? Does he really believe that the short term use of a foreign terrorist force for his side, and for his benefit, is justifiable, even though that force has been at the front line of Saddam’s dirty work for the last 20 years? Would His Lordship explain the reason for his devotion to this line of action and where he places the will of the Iraqi people in his theory? Or are we mistaken. Perhaps what he really means is that these MKO forces will transform into native Iraqis, start speaking Arabic, and engage themselves in the democratic processes of the future Iraq. And of course the Iraqis will also start believing that they are not foreigners, that they really are Iraqis, that they were not Saddam Hussein’s private army for the last two decades, and that they did not massacre Kurds and Marsh Arabs. Is he asking us to believe that the MKO are really devoted Iraqis who under the leadership of Lord Corbett have worked against Saddam’s brutal dictatorship in Iraq?

It would be interesting to know if His Lordship is aware that his friends, the people he hosted in the House of Lords, have still failed to denounce terrorism; to condemn  the September 11 disaster and its perpetrators (maybe he is unaware that the MKO greeted that news with a celebration of dancing and singing); and the crimes of Saddam Hussein in Iraq. May we remind His Lordship that ignoring the evidence, documents, and the recent videotapes of Rajavi and his murderous paymasters in Saddam’s regime, will not make them go away. 

In conclusion, the leadership of this terrorist organisation must be tried and brought to justice for their part in Saddam’s crimes against humanity and for war crimes. The remaining imprisoned disaffected members inside their camp (Ashraf) must be freed. Lord Corbett should remember that over 300 members out of the 3800 arrested by the US forces in Iraq have already been separated from the organisation because they no longer want anything to do with this terrorist organisation or its supporters. 

The International Committee of the Red Cross is ready and willing to help these people on an individual basis (not as His Lordship wants, as a mercenary paramilitary force), and their families are ready to accommodate them as and when His Lordship and his few remaining friends decide that the embarrassment has got to end.

The most recent picture of Lord Corbett supporting the MKO
terrorists  in their clandestine paper

Anne Singleton
Author of 'Saddam's Private Army'