Pressure by ex-members of Mojahedin cult forced Rajavi to renounce violence

Iran-Interlink, December 12, 2006

Today the Court of First Instance annulled the Council of Europe decision ordering the freezing of funds of Mojahedin Khlaq organisation (MKO, MEK) which is in the lists of terrorist entities of USA (1997), UK (2000), European Union (2002) and Canada (2005).

The Court's decision has been made on the basis that:

"The names of persons and entities on the list are to be reviewed at regular intervals and at least once every six months to ensure that there are still grounds for keeping them on the list"


"Neither the file material produced before the court, nor the responses given at the hearing... enable it to conduct its judicial review, since it is not even in a position to determine with certainty exactly which is the national decision on which the contested decision is based"

the court also adds a reminder that:

"An appeal, limited to points of law only, may be brought before the Court of Justice of the European Communities against a decision of the Court of First Instance, within two months of its notification"

AFP quotes an unnamed official in Luxemburg saying that this decision paves the way for Mojahedin to come out of list of terrorist entities in European Union.

The decision of course is far from lifting the terrorist label from the ex-mercenaries of Saddam Hussein's fallen regime. But, even if true, the situation would not be any different for the Rajavi cult in Europe. The restrictions which are supposed to be applied to terrorists have never been implemented with Mojahedin Khalq Organisation in Europe anyway, and the Israeli lobby and some neoconservatives have persistently called for the use of these "good terrorists" in their war against Iran.

What is significant is that according to the Court statement:

"... People's Mujahidin of Iran... has stated, however, that it has expressly renounced all military activity since June 2001..."

The significance of denouncing the so-called "Armed Struggle" by the Rajavi cult cannot be underestimated. Although everyone knows that the cult was engaged in terrorism right up to the time of the fall of Saddam Hussein in 2003, it is also known that the organisation has never had the means to carry out terrorism after being disarmed by coalition forces.

But the rejection of "Armed Struggle" by Rajavi shows the end of the organisation as we knew it.

We should congratulate all the ex members and survivors of the cult, without whose continuous efforts in recent years, no other pressure could have brought the cult leaders to denounce violence as they have done today.

The next step is to free the hostages from the terrorist camp of Ashraf in Iraq and to bring the leaders of the organisation to answer for their crimes against humanity and war crimes during the last two decades. 


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